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Photography is a survival mechanism for me. My generation was the first to come of age following the collapse of communism - my youth coincided with an esthetic and existential wasteland experienced on the national scale. We were caught between the institutional aesthetic of the Soviets and the gaudy taste of the nouveau riche, and there was no established cultural norm, no expectations to rebel against. That lack of expectations was disorienting, but also liberating - and I focused on drawing out the sublime from the surroundings both vulgar and mundane. Photography is a way to carve beautiful moments out of the habitual, and I live for that.

Projects followed, with magazine deals and exhibits. I moved to London and sought to give a conceptual focus to the most basic of my drives - to reveal the beauty and to show it to those who share a similar sense of life... Yet the yearning for prestige and recognition gave me nothing but panic attacks. I am back now - we haven't met yet but take your chances.

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